Currently STEK has over 100 employees.

STEK has about 30 top buyers,divide into three teams: strategic buyers, whose responsibility is to develop the relationship with Original IC Manufactures and their agents, and establish strategic partnership with them and get better price for the .long-term cooperation; Spot market buyers (including oversea buyers), their main duties is to search the parts our customers looking for in the global market , the another team buyer’s main responsibilities is to keep the information of inventory from OEM/EMS,and agents,check and buy from them when needed. We also do consignment with them or buy inventory in one package.

Buyers in our company are good and professional in this field, with several years working , they have special relationship with vendors ,that is why we can find parts when the others can not. And we can offer better price than others when everyone has found it. We win orders by our fast and correct judgment ,and diligent working.

STEK now has totally 40 sales people, they sell parts to different markets, a couple of sell to OEM/EMS factories, some sell parts to trades, and the others promote our strategic partner products. Our sales are all experienced, The competitive environment makes us know that quality is always first, we win orders by our by honest and trust.

Beside buyers and sales, we have FAE, QC, logistics, financial, HR and administrative department.