Founded in 1998, Changzhou Defu Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Zouqu Town in the western suburb of Changzhou City, next to No.312 National Freeway and adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway in the north. It specializes in manufacturing organic film condensers.

The Company has 20 technicians, covers a floor area of 6 thousand square meters and is equipped with over 100 sets of equipment. It has developed over ten metallized film capacitors which are made of various dielectric materials including polypropylene, polyester, polycarbonate, polyphenyl thioether, etc., have various structures and encapsulation modes, as well as can be used in various application fields. The Company, with the annual consumption of about 100 tons of metallized film, produces 0.15 billion metallized film capacitors per year. It has expanded its market into all industries such as: information industry, communications industry, home appliances industry, machinery electrical industry, power electronic device industry, transportation industry, green lighting industry, etc. Especially the products developed by our Company, such as condensers with high voltage of alternative and direct current, condensers with large current of high frequency, condensers with the functions of absorption and protection, and condensers with high capacity of filtering wave and storing energy, are widely used in the basic industrial areas as follows: switch power of transducer, UPS power supply, high or intermediate frequency power supply, super-high voltage power supply, high frequency sensing equipment, welding machine, cutting machine, etc., with important application value.