Spot Buy Service

Market Analysis: In the highly cyclical electronic industry, changes in market conditions will lead to unexpected parts shortages, thereby endangering factories’ original production order and even the timely shipping. Meanwhile, the risk for spot buy procurement is especially high and without discretion, production stagnation can be caused and also hidden dangers for product qualities. Therefore, a good choice of spot buy supplier is rather important. […]

Value-Add Services

STEK joins forces to create “One-Stop Independent Distributor” to provide a multi-directional procurement services, including: Taping and Reeling Service In order to meet customers’ demands for SMT lines, STEK provides the service of re-taping for the bulk or tube packing materials. Function Testing Service STEK has close contact with many international well-known third-party testing authorities and can provide customers with component function testing services, ranging[…..]

All-in-One Package Service

Market Analysis: Influenced by the economic crisis, customers transform from their past long-term forecast procurement strategy to a more flexible form with expectation of shortened delivery cycle, which results in MOQ reduction, rapid growth of urgent small-lot orders and a trend of fragmentation orders, while the authorized agents or manufacturers can not meet these requirements. Therefore, this All-in-One Package Service with varieties in small-lots should[…..]

BOM Kitting

Market Analysis: In the era of Internet-based information explosion, the biggest features of electronics industry are flexibility, rapidity and versatility. In order to meet the demands of different customers, diversified supplies for electronic components have been a problem facing all manufacturers, and at the meantime, some world-known BOM Kitting and catalogue distribution suppliers emerged. Reasons to choose STEK: Integration of BOM from different clients, packaged[…..]