RMA Procedures

RMA Procedures STEK commits to customers with over 90 days quality guarantee period, during which customers with doubts of the STEK’s goods quality shall comply with our RMA process in order for us to provide you with timely solutions. If you have doubts with goods supplied by us, please contact the correspondent sales representatives and provide the following documents: 1. Sales invoices and packing lists […]

Quality Control Database

Quality Control Database Strict quality control process is an effective means for STEK to ensure customers of “Zero Defect” goods, and its powerful IT system, real-time management of the quality control database is the most efficient backup. Detailed information of all incoming and outgoing goods will be uploaded to the company’s Quality Control Database, and records will be archived, including: Quality Control List, with detailed[…..]


Storage/Packaging/Delivering Electronic components are sensitive items with high demands for storage/packaging/delivering environments. STEK strictly comply with the original preservation environmental standards for materials of all levels; from electrostatic protection, humidity control to constant temperature control, we meet all the original requirements for the correspondent goods to ensure the arrivals of “Zero Defect” goods to our customers. Anti-static packaging/label Humidity degree control        […..]

Quality Control Procedures

Quality Control Procedures The strict quality inspection process is the core part of STEK’s quality control system. In order to meet customer demands of “Reassuring Purchasing and Using” of the products, we develop detailed inspection processes to ensure effective and efficient implementation. We have advanced testing processes, professional testing equipments, experienced IQC engineers, which are the most important factors; professional and responsible working attitude, which[…..]